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When working as a writer (freelancing or not), being able to work on a tight deadline is a basic required skill. To write a good article, one will often need some research phase, gather ideas, various ressources, and many other things like staying away from distraction. The problem is that, in order to gather all the necessary "ingredients" for his potion, the words crafter often needs to use various softwares, making his time management unefficient. Èyè is all about making the most and the best out of a writer's time while being very light on his computer.

Main Features.

Èyè has (or will) many features but none was added just to have one more features. We have carefully handpicked each of them after a survey with +1300 answers but we are still open to any feature that might help you speed up your workflow. Our goal is not to create yet another word processor. There are already so many good ones (free and paid alike). What we seek with Èyè is to create the ultimate (freelance) writer tool. That is the main focus of this word processor.

Èyè shares a lot of common features with many other word processor and word processors, but here are some of the best features of Èyè (please note that some are still being implemented):

  • it's very lightweight, so you will never have to close anything on your computer, just to be able to use your work tool
  • there are many templates available for various type of situations
  • each new document is opened in a new tab, to avoid opening many instances of the software 
  • support for audio and video format to facilitate your transcription works
  • basic text translation capabilities
  • want to know how much time you spend on a particular project? Trying to speedup your workflow or does a client requested a precise mesurement of the time you spent writing an article? Èyè get you covered
  • you can set up a target amount of words and Èyè always shows you how many words you have already typed and how many you still need to reach your goal
  • you can gather ressources (on any topic you want)
  • need a screencapture to show someone else your work? Èyè has 3 different levels of screen capture
  • thanks to it's ability to save on the cloud, always have access to your work
  • among others, you can also share your work in PDF format, open your work in a browser, send the active tab via e-mail, bluetoof or wifi.

Current State.

Èyè is a project that I thought of years ago, when I was still writing articles as a freelancer for a living. That said, I moved on working as a copywriter a very long time ago and I forgot about it, until I recently met an amazing person on Steam who is a freelance writer and who is facing the same issues I used to face back then. That is what made me bring the idea of a "word processor especially made for writers", back to life. In it's current state, Èyè is still in alpha, with many features still lacking but, it's going under active developpement and your feedback is what will help me improve it. 

The purpose of this software is not to create one more software, it's to make something truly useful and valuable for anyone who need a lightweight editor but find popular big names otherkill or other softwares lacking a clear focus on writing fast and efficiently.

The sotware being in an alpha state, please expect a lot of bugs. The current theme and design will totally change and the software will be available in French and English for now (more languages will be added down the road).

The current version is the first alpha released and it goes by the codename "colibri".


Buy Now$24.99 USD or more

In order to download this software you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $24.99 USD. You will get access to the following files:

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